Services for Personal Services

Complete connectivity set


Get fast and reliable internet access with our premium Wi-Fi service

Experience uninterrupted streaming, smooth browsing, and seamless gaming without the frustration of buffering and lag.


Enhance your mobile experience with our latest cell phone!

Enjoy stunning visuals on its high-resolution screen, capture memories with its advanced camera system, and stay connected with ultra-fast processing and long battery life.


Elevate your daily routine with our smartwatch!

Keep track of your health and fitness goals, stay connected to your phone, and enjoy the convenience of hands-free control

Home phones

Stay in touch with your family and friends, even at home, with our high-quality home phones

Enjoy crystal-clear call quality, ease of use, and reliable connectivity with our innovative technology


Protect your property and loved ones with our high-end security cameras

Our cameras offer high-definition video, night vision, and remote viewing, so you can monitor your home or business from anywhere.


Transform your use of technology with our high-performance tablets

Indulge in lightning-fast performance, beautiful visuals, and the convenience of carrying your work or entertainment wherever you go.


Stay protected and secure with our advance alarm system

With features like motion detection, 24/7 monitoring, and mobile app control, you’ll have total control over your home or business.


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